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Sep 26

Marner Is BACK!!!

On Friday the 13th, out of all days, Darren Dreger of TSN out of no where tweets that Marner and the Leafs appear to be close on a new deal. An hour later, multiple Toronto sports outlets announced the signing of Marner. He signed a 6 year deal that […]

Sep 10


(Article submitted by an anonymous diehard Steelers fan) I would like to say first off, that I don't want you to read this looking at me as a "general Steelers fan". I have been watching this team since I began watching the NFL in 1993 (I know you […]

Sep 1

Will Kawhi Regret His Decision?

Breakups are difficult, especially when you’re the one being broken up with. We think life is great and untouchable, then out of nothing, we’re single and unloved once again. People will say things like, “don’t worry about his/her approval” and “you […]

Sep 1

Is Kawhi The Greatest Raptor Ever?

Every individual sport has its own wave of energy that flows 24/7, and factors such as free agency, trades, waivers, coaching and managerial decisions, as well as moments that are created on the hardwood/pitch, are all components that shift or move t […]

Aug 25

#TML News: Mitch Marner & Jake Gardiner

Couple of news bits out of the hockey world as training camp and the preseason nears. 1. Mitch Marner Early reports from TSN and various NHL insiders reported that the camp of RFA forward Mitch Marner had spoken to the Swiss team, ZSC Lions […]

Aug 25

The Mike & Steve Show Talk About The Stroman Deal

The following is a submission from The Mike & Steve Talk Show regarding the Marcus Stroman trade from the Toronto Blue Jays to The New York Mets: (Note: Marcus Stroman is 1-0 with a 4.58 ERA in 4 starts with the Mets, at the time of this relea […]

Jul 29
Leafs Acquire Jordan Schmultz

Maple Leafs Acquire Defenseman Jordan Schmaltz

The Leafs announced on July 25th that they had traded for “right shot” defenseman Jordan Schmaltz. In exchange, they sent minor-league defenseman Andreas Borgman to St. Louis. Borgman is a solid AHL top pairing defenseman and could be a good option f […]

Jul 29
New Signings

Leafs Acquire Fundamental Pieces As July Wraps Up

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Wednesday that they have secured the signature of 7 skaters. The signings include 6 forwards and 1 defenseman. All league minimum deals or near the league minimum requirement. Below is a breakdown of each of these ne […]

Jul 23
Nazem Kadri Has Been Traded To The Colorado Avalanche

Leafs Trade Kadri To Colorado

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Tuesday afternoon that they have traded long-tenured Leafs forward, Nazem Kadri. Also added in the deal, defenseman Calle Rosen and a 2020 3rd round pick, which were sent to Colorado in exchange for defenseman Tyson […]

Jul 5
Kawhi Watch

Have We Seen Anything Like #KawhiWatch Before?

Decisions are the way in which humans continue to progress throughout life. Whether it’s going to a certain college or choosing where to eat, choices dictate our lives. Where we go, who we see, they’re all a collection of decisions (large and small) […]

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