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Sep 26

Marner Is BACK!!!

On Friday the 13th, out of all days, Darren Dreger of TSN out of no where tweets that Marner and the Leafs appear to be close on a new deal. An hour later, multiple Toronto sports outlets announced the signing of Marner. He signed a 6 year deal that […]

Sep 10


(Article submitted by an anonymous diehard Steelers fan) I would like to say first off, that I don't want you to read this looking at me as a "general Steelers fan". I have been watching this team since I began watching the NFL in 1993 (I know you […]

Sep 1

Will Kawhi Regret His Decision?

Breakups are difficult, especially when you’re the one being broken up with. We think life is great and untouchable, then out of nothing, we’re single and unloved once again. People will say things like, “don’t worry about his/her approval” and “you […]

Sep 1

Is Kawhi The Greatest Raptor Ever?

Every individual sport has its own wave of energy that flows 24/7, and factors such as free agency, trades, waivers, coaching and managerial decisions, as well as moments that are created on the hardwood/pitch, are all components that shift or move t […]

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